NOIN simple pursuit
Bring people simple, natural and healthy life


NOIN promote simple unadorned Zen philosophy of life, respected environmental health, natural and comfortable life philosophy, comply with the raw materials of nature. Adhere to the "NOIN" rule, means in the household products, do not add, not to increase the cover up the nature of the goods, including goods and packaging.

NOIN adhere to their own language and style, from the user needs and basic commodities thinking function, giving a minimalist design, reducing unnecessary decoration, to provide high-quality and valuable commodity, a healer, let the goods to produce natural charm, leaving users more space to give the personality of natural objects.

NOIN advocate green environmental protection, friendly earth and environment, cherish consumer health. In addition to the strict selection of goods of raw materials, packaging materials also the culmination of the environmental protection, printing with single color and reduce ink usage, is conducive to recycle.

Raw materials and technology

NOIN pursues the health concept of environmental protection, and is used to screen the raw materials used in the development and design, and refuse to add harmful substances to human body. In the "empty" design concept, to simplify the process of raw materials processing, will come from the life details of the creative and innovative features to give the new function of raw materials. Not only is the nature of commodity raw materials, is the original yield simple packaging materials, strict control, earth friendly and environment.

Due to the choice of the use of natural raw materials, as well as the processing technology, good products may appear a variety of uneven, imperfect and individual differences.

NOIN part of good product to keep the natural color of raw materials supplemented by handmade and become, appearance is not neat, color and size including weight can not very consistent, and the industrialization production of goods is very different. This is the original idea of nature worship, and thereby exudes the charm of simplicity.

Simple life form

NOIN strict selection of material, carefully check the process, streamlining the commodity packaging. Emphasizes the combination of Zen and aesthetics of simple design, the removal of unnecessary processing and color, the complete elimination of redundancy, items to true, let the goods itself charm, makes people to appreciate the beauty of the raw material and the material, and can liberate the user from the external constraints, and achieve a closer to the inner self, closer to the natural state, this is also precisely the pursuit of Zen I really realm.

Simplicity is not simply a simple and frugal, but rather than a luxury. Pursuit of reasonable streamline goods NOIN, which can make use of these goods in simple and unadorned life to experience the beauty and dignity.

NOIN, for love, for family, for more simple and natural, comfortable life.

Environmental responsibility

Air and water are closely related to our health and life, but also closely and we depend on the earth. NOIN has been actively involved in environmental protection, the choice of raw materials to the production process of goods, from the use of goods and the health of users, are in awe of environmental protection.

NOIN strict selection natural and growth of plants as raw materials, and in the production process, no or less use of harmful chemical substances, in the goods do not add chemical processing materials harmful to your health. Goods packaging, the original good products to maximize the use of environmentally friendly and renewable materials, make the commodity material from the beginning to the end of use does not produce pollution to the environment, in order to reduce the survival of our space, and their home planet to contribute to the healthy development of a force.

As a result, NOIN has been favored and supported by more environmentalists and more socially responsible users.